My 50@50 challenge list

Well it is now the penultimate day before my 49th birthday and the start of my 50@50.  The challenge is to achieve some of those things I have just never quite got around to doing but really want to do and I have a year to complete them.  I have also offered some friends and family the chance to suggest something, cerebral or physical but basically an enjoyable 1:1 experience with that person.  So here it is…the list which will define a great part of my up and coming 12 months

  1. have drum lessons and learn at least one piece
  2. complete a bike ride
  3. take a generation photograph
  4. read all Agatha Christie novels
  5. do another 2-5 day extended walk
  6. make a piece of artwork
  7. see basking sharks in UK
  8. lose at least one and a half stone
  9. Read a non-fiction book
  10. let someone else order my food at an Indian restaurant
  11. sleep under the stars
  12. Disconnect from IT for one week
  13. have a holiday with my family
  14. have a driving lesson
  15. make a lemon meringue pie from scratch
  16. attend a flower show
  17. stand on Hastings pier with the one I love
  18. use my fishing rod
  19. visit the Eden Project and lost gardens of heligan
  20. make bread
  21. blog my 50@50
  22. go to a Maidstone United football match
  23. get one of my photographs printed or hung in public
  24. Watch a sunrise and sunset
  25. record my mums favourite memories
  26. finish the birthday bed in the garden
  27. take up a sport again
  28. spend a guilt free day in my PJs watching DVDs and eating KFC
  29. research and try meditation
  30. Watch the starling murmurations on Brighton Pier
  31. revisit every road and house I have lived in
  32. eat vegetarian food for two weeks
  33. grow my hair long
  34. go on a River Thames cruise
  35. go glamping in a yurt
  36. Chris = watch the original Italian Job film with him
  37. Katie = surprise on the day
  38. Matt = surprise on the day
  39. Candis = 
  40. Nicky = positive news, recipes and top tips letter correspondence
  41. Debbie = meditation, willow work and sleeping out adventure
  42. Frankie = weekly recipe swap
  43. Helen = classical music event at the Royal Albert Hall
  44. Michaela =
  45. Yvonne = Grayson Perry art exhibition
  46. Fiona =
  47. Frances = moonlight walk
  48. Craig = 
  49. Megan = canoeing adventure

Wish me luck

15 thoughts on “My 50@50 challenge list

  1. Crikey that is nearly one a week. Better get number 16 out of the way then get back to slimming world lol. Good luck x


      1. Thanks Barb, I look forward to your comments. I am really excited about this year and all the fun I intend to have. Hope all is well with you. I’m have given a geranium to Frankie but it’s been so hot all my cuttings and transplants have suffered badly, sorry!! Happy to try again in autumn if it does not survive.


    1. I have been looking after the geraniums and one of them has even flowered, the other is looking a little sorry for itself but if anyone can give it the kiss of life its Barb 🙂 She picked the up on Wednesday after knit and bitch.


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