Roasted vegetable lasagne – Challenge No 33 practice

imageSo whilst Chris (hubby) is still away motorcycling, I thought I would practice some vegetarian meals for my two week 50@50 eating vegetarian challenge.  I have not eaten vegetarian food much, however as we are growing so many vegetables in our garden it seems like a good time to experiment .  

First of all I collected an onion, courgettes, aubergine and the first picking of our beef tomatoes.  I cleaned them, chunkily sliced them and tossed them in olive oil.  Once seasoned I roasted them for 30 minutes on 180 C.

Confessions here are that I cheated and used a jar of tomato sauce ( not what I would usually do but I ran out of time as it was one of the hottest days of the year today here in Kent and I spent it gardening…digging actually, so I used the half hour to have a well needed shower!!)

Then I made a basic white sauce with butter, flour and milk.  I then layered the vegetables with the tomato sauce, pasta, white sauce ( sprinkled some mozzarella I had left over from yesterday’s bake – double cheese and bacon rolls for recipe see yesterday’s post)), and topped with a bit of mature cheddar.  It’s such an easy meal.

 I baked it at 160 C for 40 minutes which gave me plenty of time to have a lovely chat with my sister and sit outside enjoying the setting sun whilst reading Poirot ( a guilty pleasure).

Served simply with lettuce and cucumber this was such a tasty dish and the vegetables tasted amazing; it did not feel like it was “missing something” which has been a worry of mine with vegetarian food.  Certainly encouraged me to try something more.

If you have a favourite please let me know.



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