River Thames Boat Cruise – Challenge No 35

imageWell this idea of setting myself things to do this year is already turning out to be such a great idea!!  I have wanted to go on a cruise up the River Thames for years but because I live in Kent and it’s virtually on my doorstep I, like many others I am sure, never quite got around to doing it. For instance, I have been on a cruise up the River Seine in Paris and across the fjords of Norway, but not the Thames.  

So this week I rectified the omission. My daughter, Kate, knowing I wanted to do this decided to treat me for my birthday ( which made it even nicer).  We embarked at Greenwich and took a leisurely trip up the Thames, which derives its name from the Sanskrit Tamas, meaning dark, as the water is often so dark in colour (there are other possible reasons but I like this one).  The weather was great and a with a drink in one hand and camera in the other it was such a great way to see London from a completely different perspective. It became so clear how important the river was in the past, with so many of the buildings we passed being wharfs ( now luxury apartments).  We arrived at The Houses of Parliament in time for Big Ben to strike 12 (which I know means we were indulging in a wee tipple a bit early – but it was a treat!!) and as we passed Tower Bridge on our return the barriers rose which was a real spectacle to behold.  It was good to see all the pleasure, leisure and working boats, together with the police and naval boats too.  

I would recommend anyone to take this trip, Greenwich was a great start/stop destination as the market has good street food and stalls there and the Cutty Sark in dry dock is impressive.  The day also provided me with a list of other places ( including numerous pubs ) I would like to see. Top tip = booking online in advance gave 50% discount and bring a cardie as it gets chilly 😄




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