Grayson Perry Art Exhibition – Challenge No 46

imageAs part of my 50@50 Challenge I have asked friends and family to suggest some things to take me out of my comfort zone.  Today my friend Yvonne did just that!!  I love art but am quite conservative and just don’t ‘get’ a lot of modern art so Grayson Perry’s provincial Punk exhibition was something I would never have chosen to go to myself.

How narrowminded I have been.  It was amazing.  Yvonne is a potter so being able to enjoy the ceramics with her was a treat and I learnt a great deal about how Perry achieved the glazes, incorporated the texts, collages and drawings.  He uses such diverse mediums as there were also tapestrys, films, bronze and etchings too. We set ourselves the task of considering each piece and trying to decipher the meanings, beauty and merit of these palimpsestic works before reading the write ups.  It is amazing how even though the artist and our own lives are miles apart so much common thought can be transmitted through the art.  Including how subtle but powerful the role of icons, imagery and logos are in our lives.

The work was sexually graphic but never gratuitous or offensive and juxtaposed with the other images made me reflect upon my own thoughts on class, identity and gender.  The most surprising part of the day was how varied the audience were and a perfect example of how art can rip through boundaries. 

This was a great exhibition, a great day, well worth a visit and FREE!! Thank you Yvonne



4 thoughts on “Grayson Perry Art Exhibition – Challenge No 46

    1. Thanks Laura, it’s such a great way of making me do things I really want to do but keep putting off; I am having such fun doing it too. So nice of you to say that as I really don’t want to bore people!!!! Have a great weekend xxxx


  1. I would say that Grayson Perry is way out of my comfort zone too, and not just in relation to art. I found the exhibition thought provoking and quite challenging to my conventional sensibilities, but on the whole I loved his work, though I wouldn’t want one of his pieces in my lounge. Thank you so much Claire, for sharing this experience with me. X

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