Blog my 50@50 – Challenge No 22


I decided to include setting up a blog as one of my challenges not because I thought I would be an amazing blogger, or even that I particularly had a great deal to say but because I felt the need to keep up with technology.  In my ideal world everyone would still write letters (as my last letter swap post suggests), chat at bus stops and find out everyone’s news from the postman, barmaid or butcher…actually that still is My world, but on the whole things have changed and I need to embrace those changes.

And how easy WordPress have made it.  There were lots of helpful people who after a brief Google search provided step-by-step guides to setting a blog up.  Best of all….it’s free!! I won’t bore you with how but if you had an inkling you might like to do this too..go ahead; it’s also made me realise how much information and how many gifted people there is/are out there.  The only downside being I could be tempted to spend way tooooo much time browsing.

Blogging has turned out to be a great visual way to record all the challenges I am undertaking and to keep connected with the people who have voiced an interest in my antics.  Whilst I have kept it basic at the moment I think I may have to set myself a further challenge to improve my blog next year so… this space.

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