The Italian Job – Challenge No 37

Charlie Croker: You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!

Chris and I have been going out for over 31 years and we love films but some how I have evaded/avoided watching one of his favourite movies…The Italian Job…so as his challenge to me for my 50@50 I have just sat down to enjoy this amazing film.  

He decorated the TV room with posters ( Michael Caine looking rather cute can stay on my walls for quite some time), served up Italian delicacies and set the mood by providing prosecco cocktails…what more could a girl ask for…..well a good film too hopefully.

And I loved, loved, loved it….made me realise the culture text surrounding it, truly iconic with so many films, TV series and advertising etc paying homage to this film….most notably Porridge!!! I reveled in the humour (Benny Hill and Irenie Handl at their modest best), the cinematography, the cars, the tailoring and even the stereotyping; but, for me, the star of the show was Noel Coward; how I laughed at his scenes, my sides truly hurt from it.  All the acting was superb.

**SPOILER ALERT ** – But the ending…….really…….the hugest play on ‘cliffhanger’ ever….I am still not over it!!!  But it was a very clever ( if also a cheats way out) of finishing it.

So thanks Chris, you were right all along ( choke, choke), this is a great British movie, well worth watching; I certainly will be watching it again as I feel I missed a lot of great lines and I will even consider watching other films you recommend and ‘lads’ films like The Great Escape 🏎🏍🚎






3 thoughts on “The Italian Job – Challenge No 37

  1. Glad you enjoyed it. Please don’t tell me you have NEVER seen The Great Escape! If you think a young Michael Caine is cute, Steve McQueen…..bring it on!!


  2. I now need to revisit this film as the only bit I can remember is the cliff hanger. And totally agree with Helen re The Great Escape.


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