Let Someone Else Order my Food at an Indian Restaurant – Challenge No 11


Since Chris and I moved away from Maidstone to a village in the Weald of Kent ( Weald means woodland) we have not been able to find a great curry house to replace our favourite The Shamrat.


So for this challenge we returned there, accompanied by our son Matt and daughter-in-law Candis.  The restaurant was as busy and bubbly as always, we were warmly greeted by Lee who assured us Matt and Candis had taken our place as regulars (Lee has an amazing memory for names and gets the balance spot on for being helpful yet not interfering.) I am such a creature of habit that I always have chicken Pasanda…but not this night and I was slightly nervous as there had been quite a few jokes about Thals!!



Mass  Biryaan (lightly spiced and fried Talapia) = amazing.  I have always avoided fish curry as to my palate it does not go, however this was aromatic and yet not overpowering…a perfect starter, although the photos don’t do either dish justice



Now at this point I should mention we have a good friend Nigel who frequents the Shamrat most Friday’s (this being no exception) and before we ordered he mentioned that the following dish was his new favourite…so the consensus was that this is what I should try…and what a great pick 😍

Lamb Palak, (baby spinach with garlic and roasted spices, medium hot)  I just love spinach so this was a huge hit with me, there was no creamy sauce which I normally go for, but often that makes it too sweet.  We had spinach accompaniments too, so Popeye arms for me, but they all tasted so different.  However, I don’t seem to enjoy lamb as much as I used to so next time I might plump for the chicken….OR

I might just let someone else choose for me again as this was a huge success!!


One thought on “Let Someone Else Order my Food at an Indian Restaurant – Challenge No 11

  1. Wow, brave! I’m not sure if I would want someone ordering a curry for me… I’m with you on fish curry, I have tried making them and always been rather disappointed, never ordered one whilst out except for at a Thai restaurant which was actually very good. Glad you had a great time and a lovely curry 😀


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