Go to a Maidstone United Football Match – Challenge No 23


I think it is fair to say I grew up a bit of a ‘tomboy’, always playing sport with the lads over the local field, helping to train my Dad’s ferrets and polecats, going rabbiting and watching my brother, Dave, playing football on Shepway green some weekends…I loved watching football and listening to the exotic names of the teams being read out on the pools round up…when silence was mandatory!!


When I started going out with Chris his family were big Maidstone United football fans and took me to watch at their old ground on the London Road…which conjures happy memories of Grandad Fred especially.

So when compiling my 50@50, a trip to Maidstone United’s new Gallagher Stadium to watch a match had to be on it.  I went with my son Matt, and met up with my brother Dave and what a great day we had.  It was an exciting game, against Basingstoke, which we won 3-1 (not that Matt saw all the goals…poorly timed rest breaks and distracting conversations about the hand dryers LOL). Our seats in the stand (booked online)provided us with clear views of the action; the all-weather pitch, whilst controversial, did provide a decent, playable pitch even after all the rain recently and a good number of goals meant the partisan crowd were vociferously happy.  The crowd were made up of a large number of families (of all ages) which was so nice to see, and the hardened fans kept together in one particular place. There was a great sense of comradary and it was also nice to chat to the family behind us as the Dad used to live in the road next to me as a child and knew my older brothers well…a pleasant chance to reminisce.  


An added surprise was my daughter Kate unexpectedly turning up for post match drinks (although we won’t go back to the White Rabbit again as the service was appalling).  A wonderful family day, making me thankful for the past and blessed for the present. I shall certainly be back as I have already had numerous people saying how much they would like to go 😄.

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