Have a pedicure – challenge no 40


I appreciate that a pedicure may not seem like much of a challenge to most people, but I HATE feet…the only feet every acceptable to touch or be touched are babies/young children…and even then only your own!!!  My family still laugh at the squeals that resounded round the house when as a small child my mum would wash me…everyone knew when she had got to my feet!!!!  And don’t even get me started on flip flops…..the finest, torturous work of the Devil indeed 😱 .  So when my lovely daughter-in-law, Candis, was thinking about a challenge she decided we should climb the O2 (such a preferable idea!!) however as she is due to have her second baby in April a new and more fiendish 50@50 challenge was set…..the pedicure!!  Candis loves a pedicure, her toe nails are always immaculately painted and she wanted to convert me!!

So yesterday I ventured to Maidstone, I was early and popped into a Wetherspoons for breakfast….did you know they serve alcohol that early??!!  Purely as a fact finding exercise, to see if this rumour was true (and for Dutch Courage) I ordered a bacon roll, a mug of builders tea with a JD and coke chaser….and YES…she served me….when did this happen as it has certainly passed me by?


Anyway, I digress, so I met Candis and we went to The Reef and we prepared for our pedicure, I was very nervous which I explained to the therapist and she was delightful.  It helped that Candis and I sat next to each other, and then the ‘touching’ began…to my utter surprise it was relatively pleasant, not abhorrent at all, and it got better as the exfoliation was great, the cooling mint cream was positively pleasurable….but then….oh heavens above…( I could no help it ) I squealed…only a bit, well ….maybe a prolonged bit!! For some reason they have to separate your toes….mine absolutely do NOT naturally do this (preferring to stick closely together, safety in numbers and all that) unlike Candis and most people, it would seem, who can separate their toes, even waggling them at will!!!   As if that was not bad enough, she then stuffed cotton wool between them to keep the poor things separated and began to file and paint…I might have been pulling a few contorted faces here as Candis was laughing quite a bit.  But then before I knew it, it was over…..my toes were covered in cling film ( having refused the offer of the aforementioned devil’s work…flip flops) and we were done and I had perfumed, painted, massaged, pampered, plump little piggies!!  I also had a secret treat for being so good ( thank you Candis). 

So on reflection I have to say the majority of it was very enjoyable, my feet certainly feel softer and I have been converted as I will certainly have another pedicure in the future (especially as it was explained to me that walkers get more of a problem with hard skin than most people) …..but I most definitely won’t be rushing to take a course in how to become a pedicure practitioner…..those poor girls ( what must they have done in a previous life eh 😉)?


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