Disconnect from IT for one week – Challenge no 13


In the back of my mind I thought I might waste a bit too much time on IT devices googling non essential info, reading Facebook etc so I set myself what I thought was quite a simple task…..no IT for a week.  This meant no i pad and no mobile ( hidden away by Chris) leaving only the landline.  This, however, really turned out to be an interesting task with the following results

Main Benefits

  • I had so much more free time
  • I read 3 books in one week
  • I used my dusty cookbooks rather than looking online 

Main Drawbacks

  • I had no way of finding the bus times
  • I I could not download my photos, access photos, online bank
  • There was a real need to be organised in advance about meeting people/planning events

Lessons Learnt

  • I am surprisingly  addicted to checking the weather and I really missed that
  • I loathe listening to the news on the TV and enjoy reading it on the BBC website as I choose what is important and can balance good, interesting news as well as disturbing, gloomy news
  • I waste far too much time, even more than I had realised, on Facebook, playing spider solitaire and searching irrelevant things……so will be drastically cutting back!!
  • I love the benefits of being able to keep in touch with family and friends that technology brings

Going ‘old school’ was fun and challenging for one week and certainly enlightening as it showed me I need to be more disciplined with my usage, however I shan’t be doing it again soon. It is amazing how quickly and seemlessly we adopt new technology and how it shapes our daily lives……I wonder what technology I will be giving up for a week when I am 60???




One thought on “Disconnect from IT for one week – Challenge no 13

  1. Hi Claire, I found myself agreeing with so many points you raised, I have never tried going without IT for a week, the most I have done recently is kept of the net for a day lol. If you do some more weeks like this you’ll have to buy some more books now that’s a thought! 🙂


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