Research/Try Meditation – Challenge No 30


I have been interested in meditation for a number of years; being inspired by family members and friends who have extolled its merits, however, as with many other things being interested in something and being proactive enough to make it happen are two very different things!!  Hence adding this to my 50@50 challenge list. 

I was fortunate enough to be given a wonderful beginners’ book by the Neath family (many thanks)


I have found this an invaluable aid.  The guided sessions on the CD are just what I need.  The instructor’s voice really reminds me of Jeff Goldblum so I settle down each time to meditate in peaceful company.  In addition the narrative that accompanies it is clear, written in an approachable manner, providing enough to inspire and encourage without overloading…not an easy feat.

I love the sensation of being in control of my breath and my body…although as a newbie I am often distracted by the clock chiming, the birds singing or the wind whistling down the chimney….but they are such lovely sounds to listen to…so I name them and then try to refocus.  I am most looking forward to meditating by my pond this summer, although I already know the distractions there will be hard to ignore.  My first meditations were surprisingly ( to me) emotional and made me aware of how many unresolved feelings I/we carry around on a daily basis, repressing and suppressing.  Acknowledging these has sometimes been enough but addressing others has been particularly therapeutic.

These are the things I particularly love about meditation

  • the sense of stillness and calm it brings to me during and after 
  • an attitude of wanting to be fully involved in whatever I am doing at that moment rather than diluting an experience by bringing other thoughts to it
  • controlling my breath which since I have started has enabled me to sleep when restless and cope with certain pains
  • Looking at life with a positive attitude and letting go of the worries I held about matters I can’t change

I only have one real problem…and that is I need to train myself to be more organised in the regularity of my meditation.   But looking positively at least I am now doing some actual meditation rather than just thinking about doing it!!


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