Jungle Book revisited – Challenge No 49


My 50@50 challenge list is not just about achieving new things; it’s about revisiting happy memories and making new ones with people that matter in my life and this Challenge is a prime example of that!!

Craig was best man at mine and Chris’ wedding, which will be 28 years ago in August (somehow!!)  After turning up at the church rehearsal in a monkey mask I should have guessed what would happen next.  A week or so after the wedding The Jungle Book came on at the cinema and having never seen it I really wanted to go….Chris on the other hand, for a variety of reasons, was not so keen.  And here is where my knight in a monkey mask stepped in and whisked me to the ball ( well Granada cinemas, Maidstone actually) and I first encountered Disney’s Jungle Book….one of the all time best Disney films in my opinion.  Apart from having to put up with someone….you know who by this time….singing throughout, we had a great time.


Craig is a perfect friend; reliable, fun, there when you need him (even if you didn’t realise you needed him he pops up like the shopkeeper in Mr Benn) and slightly mad too ( essential requirement for good friends).  It therefore seemed designed by fate that Jungle Book should be re-released just when we were looking for a Challenge together.


The evening went will, with the duly requested cheesy comestibles being provided upon arrival, tickets secured and off we went (sad that the Granada in Maidstone has not lasted as well as mine and Craig’s friendship) to cineworld Ashford.  What a treat the film was, ( I wholeheartedly recommend it) and so exciting too…..I may have jumped once or twice, but it also paid lovely tributes to the old film throughout the musical score.  I was not disappointed, as just like the first time, the accompanying singing was still there..if a bit deeper in tone than I remember 😉.  I wonder if the rest of the audience enjoyed it as much???  Craig drove me home and we both sang and listened to ‘bare necessities’ and the other tracks all the way back…..perfect!!!


Everyone needs a friend like Craig and I feel lucky to have him.  When we are all together it feels like we are 17 again, when I first met him, and personally I don’t think we look like we have aged at all (although how this photo of Craig’s Dad, going out with my Mum has got on here I don’t know!!!)


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