Get one of my photos printed, published or hung – challenge No 24


Don’t you just love it when you think something is going to be really hard and it turns out to be very easy!! This was the case with this challenge.  I love taking photos, especially nature and my grandchildren; mainly I do it for my own pleasure but I decided to set myself a 50@50 challenge to get one of my photos published, printed or hung.  I thought I might have to enter lots of competitions, give away a framed photo to our local pop-in centre or send weather photos to the TV station…but no!!  As part of Challenge No 31, where I went to see the starling murmurations at Brighton Pier, I took quite a nice photo of them…on my mobile phone of all things.  I belong to a Facebook photo sharing community so I popped the best photo on there and hey presto they chose it as the winning photo and therefore published it as their header photo ( temporarily I might add, but that is fine by me ). I  was so pleased, and surprised!!  

However it is good to have an easy tick off the list as I had not thought my 50@50 challenges means almost one a week and time is running out fast!!  Agggghhhhhh.  Some things are ongoing, some are planned and waiting to happen….others though still need organising and I think that is my next challenge….to make them happen.  Wish me luck 🍀

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