Have a holiday with my family – challenge no 14

Portugal w

It is a strange thing that as you get older your horizons don’t always broaden as you would expect but, as in my case, actually can become refined and happily focused.  My family are the centre of my focus and many of my most memorable times emanate from them; sharing in their experiences, loves, successes, adventures and important events.  Often my favourite memories have come from holidays together but such time becomes increasingly  harder to achieve as Matt and Kate have grown older and now have their own homes, jobs and families.  This 50@50 challenge came about therefore as a concerted effort to make and spend quality family time with them, away from the hustle and bustle of normal life.

Portugal h

Our destination was Villa Katwijk, in Carvoeiro, Portugal which we visited when Iyla was a baby and so it was nice to return with Lara as a baby this time.  


Needless to say we had a fabulous holiday, the villa was quiet and perfect for hosting our annual Peal Poker Night.  The Quinta Do Paraiso resort provided plenty of fun in the pool for Iyla ( a water baby if ever there was one) cocktails and tennis for the energetic. Carvoeiro provided music, dancing, boat trips, ice creams, beaches, crepes, calamari, rocks and caves, stunning views and  fabulous venues for meals out.

We laughed, had fun, explored, rested and forged many happy memories….job done ✔️

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