Complete another 2-5 day walk – challenge No 6


When Chris took some time off work for the first time we took up walking as a hobby and loved it.  The Kent countryside opened up before us ( as did the wonderful country pubs) and this all culminated in us spending two days walking the Royal Military Canal, beautifully flat with plenty of history and wildlife along the way…and plenty of blisters for me too.  However, since then we have carried on walking, but not as much hence this challenge.  I wanted to know if I could manage more than one day of non flat walking ( bearing in mind I am asthmatic, and no lithe beauty like the old days hahahaha ).

We took the lazy option and booked with a company ( brilliant organisation so see below for company and route) who arranged the walk, sent us detailed maps, booked nice places to stay and transported your luggage in between venues….I know….not real walkers ( but I never profess to be a real walker as I like to stop, chat to people,  look at views, take photos, smell plants and smile at the animals hoping they won’t run at us!!)

The route was an easy to moderate, 15 miles both days.  The Cotswolds were idyllic and I particularly liked Upper and Lower Slaughter.  We coped well with the inclines….me making them up and Chris for not killing me as I moaned about them.  We have been a bit busy and plumped for two days but we most certainly could have achieved 3-4 ( especially with my new walking shoes….no blister 😊 However I do now have fewer toenails than when I started out 😱) We were so lucky with the weather which was due to be rain both days but turned out to be only two showers, hooray.  I love walking, we saw so few people and were in the midst of stunning scenery…each county has so much to offer, and so different.  Where to next is our next question……?

Day One

Day Two

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