Stand on Hasting Pier with the one I love – Challenge no 18


It seems very appropriate that today,  on Mine and Chris’ 28th wedding anniversary  I should blog about Hastings Pier, as this is where he proposed to me.

I was devastated when it burnt down as the pier is one of those significant places in my life and I could not bring myself to return.  However when I was told by a friend you could buy shares to support rebuilding the pier I purchased some as an anniversary present for Chris and this year it has reopened which I am thrilled about, and I eagerly made it one of my 50@50 challenges.

It is a much different pier, subdued in some ways but much more usable as a venue, and Hastings too has changed, museums, galleries, roads reminiscent to the Lanes in Brighton…it’s brilliant.   It was lovely to be back on the pier again and we will certainly be back again soon.  And I was especially happy this time, as I stood there with the man I love ❤️.  Sorry this can’t be longer……but I have a hot date tonight 😉


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