A new year and a new list!!

Over the past few months I have enjoyed a respite from my hectic but very enjoyable 50@50 challenges.  I don’t intend to repeat the experience this year with 51 challenges, however I do love lists; the comfort and order they provide, ticking them off (even secretly adding things already done just to feel the pleasure of crossing them off…sad I know) and then re-writing them…Yes I confess to being a compulsive list writer.  Whilst many of my lists in the past have been no more than meaningless doodles actually writing a public ‘challenge’ list was much more motivational and not only shaped my last 12 months but shaped me too.  So I have decided to have a 12in12 year (12 challenges in 12 months) which starts today….and here is my list

  1.  Join a village club
  2. Reduce/cut out gluten
  3. go on a 3+ day walk
  4. be spontaneous
  5. Have meaningful 1:1 time with family and friends
  6. Start donating blood again
  7. make time for music in my life (listen to all types of music I like)
  8. learn to cook a decent curry from scratch
  9. dont overfill my calendar…leave free time
  10. read alternate fiction/non fiction (can be one chapter)
  11. properly catalogue the wildlife in my garden
  12. visit somewhere new

This is not a list to set the world alight with its originality but is a personal and achievable one which has developed as part of my  new 50+ Ideology (which I am not articulate enough to put into words but comes from the feeling of wanting to be the best person I can be). So wish me luck and hopefully there will be lots of ticking off ✅

Happy New Year to you all


2 thoughts on “A new year and a new list!!

  1. I confess I too love a list. I am really looking forward to this year’s post from the oast as you achieve and tick off the items on your list. Good luck XX


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