Last Day of my 50@50 blog



So here I am….50!!! 

I decided to set the alarm for 4.45am and get up to see the dawn of my 50th birthday ( which turns out to be much earlier than sunrise!!!) and Mother Nature did not let me down.  There were a few stars twinkling in the sky, no plane trails and I could clearly see the bats flitting around my head and then finally going to roost under the tiles, just below the cowl in the oast.  And then it happened….a shooting star!!  I know it’s daft but I burst into tears….it was so unexpected and beautiful…..I decided it was meant for me and made a wish on it. The birds then started to sing ( although a moorhen was the first to call), followed by chickens, cows mooing, rabbits hopping away and the air then filled with a swirl of crows.  As the sun rose I got out of the hot tub and headed across the field opposite (yes in my swimming costume…but then I felt even too silly for me so went and got dressed and returned) and watched as mist lifted off the fields and the golden light spread…ethereal magic.  I then watered the garden and had a chat with cocky, roosting up in his tree, who seemed very bemused by the fact that I was up before him and flew into the neighbours garden in disgust!! I then saw all the photos Chris had posted on Facebook…how lucky I am to have a man I love as much as him…he even decorated the table for me with balloon, sprinkles, a banner and, quite excitingly, some presents.  Best of all I know he has baked me a cake!

But now, this challenge is coming to a close and I just want to thank everyone who has followed me, left messages, comments and taken part in all my 50@50 challenges.  Whilst I did this blog for myself, everyone’s reaction has made it something beyond belief.  This month alone I will have over 1000 views….which is madness!! It has been very hard sometimes to be so open and honest with myself ( and therefore with everyone) but it has been soooooo worth it.  Simply, thank you, ….for coming on my 50@50 trip and if I have inspired you ( which kindly so many of you say I have) then I am truly touched and that is such a bonus as I have had a blast!!!  I have one more challenge to complete today hopefully but whilst reflecting in the hot tub this morning (gosh the thoughts and memories were great) I want to leave you with this, which sums up how this year has left me feeling….

the only thing that limits me is my attitude…the only thing that frees me is my actions ❤️


My 50@50 challenge list

Well it is now the penultimate day before my 49th birthday and the start of my 50@50.  The challenge is to achieve some of those things I have just never quite got around to doing but really want to do and I have a year to complete them.  I have also offered some friends and family the chance to suggest something, cerebral or physical but basically an enjoyable 1:1 experience with that person.  So here it is…the list which will define a great part of my up and coming 12 months

  1. have drum lessons and learn at least one piece
  2. complete a bike ride
  3. take a generation photograph
  4. read all Agatha Christie novels
  5. do another 2-5 day extended walk
  6. make a piece of artwork
  7. see basking sharks in UK
  8. lose at least one and a half stone
  9. Read a non-fiction book
  10. let someone else order my food at an Indian restaurant
  11. sleep under the stars
  12. Disconnect from IT for one week
  13. have a holiday with my family
  14. have a driving lesson
  15. make a lemon meringue pie from scratch
  16. attend a flower show
  17. stand on Hastings pier with the one I love
  18. use my fishing rod
  19. visit the Eden Project and lost gardens of heligan
  20. make bread
  21. blog my 50@50
  22. go to a Maidstone United football match
  23. get one of my photographs printed or hung in public
  24. Watch a sunrise and sunset
  25. record my mums favourite memories
  26. finish the birthday bed in the garden
  27. take up a sport again
  28. spend a guilt free day in my PJs watching DVDs and eating KFC
  29. research and try meditation
  30. Watch the starling murmurations on Brighton Pier
  31. revisit every road and house I have lived in
  32. eat vegetarian food for two weeks
  33. grow my hair long
  34. go on a River Thames cruise
  35. go glamping in a yurt
  36. Chris = watch the original Italian Job film with him
  37. Katie = surprise on the day
  38. Matt = surprise on the day
  39. Candis = 
  40. Nicky = positive news, recipes and top tips letter correspondence
  41. Debbie = meditation, willow work and sleeping out adventure
  42. Frankie = weekly recipe swap
  43. Helen = classical music event at the Royal Albert Hall
  44. Michaela =
  45. Yvonne = Grayson Perry art exhibition
  46. Fiona =
  47. Frances = moonlight walk
  48. Craig = 
  49. Megan = canoeing adventure

Wish me luck