Failures and deferrals!!


Whilst I have packed in a huge amount in these last 12 months I have to confess I have  not quite managed to tick everything off my list.  Here is a run down on the elusive ones:-

1:1 challenge with my school friend Michaela – Its on the drawing board for later this year….does a pamper day count as a challenge….answers on a postcard please?? 😉

See basking sharks challenge – I was soooo close!!  Poor sightings in Cornwall this year meant my plans changed and it had to be Oban, Scotland; one week long course clashed with an annual must attend event so we decided to go for a day trip….however at that point I took a step back and reflected.  To do it would end up, including travel and overnight accommodation expenses and a one day trip costing £500-£1,000.  So I took a deep breath and said… can wait…..and it can.  However I still intend to see them and look forward to that day.

Lose one and a half stone challenge –ok, ok….I guess I should have realised that with all the other things going on this was unlikely to happen.  However, I am glad I am back at Slimming World and I lost 10lb, but I have in the last two months put some of that back on.  I have spent most of the first 50 years battling with my weight so I guess for continuity purposes I should settle for spending the next 50 years doing the same!!! I have not given up though and intend to keep on fighting for a leaner, fitter me 😊

Visit the Eden Project and Lost Gardens of Heligan – Chris put his foot down for this one and said absolutely not…so I had to think outside the box.  Therefore I am going in September (first one available) on an organised coach trip (which I am hoping will be full of lovely like-minded people who can teach me lots of gardening tips) – wish me luck 🍀

Record my mums favourite memories –unfortunately most of my visits this year have been predominantly taken up with doctors appointments or sorting medicine and the right time to start this has just not been there.  However I will do this…only the other day she was telling me about a doodle bug that landed on the kitchen table, and then about how they put their brother down the well in the bucket and the handle broke, how her Dad used to squeeze fresh cows milk directly into their mouths and that at dinner time with her grandparents the children had to sit in silence whilst her grandparents had a short post-meal sleep (obviously impossible)…..Gems like this can’t be lost so I will have to MAKE time this Autumn.

Finish my birthday garden bed – a good initial start but rain stopped play, especially as we are clay here in Woodchurch.  Followed by the dry spell which baked it means I have not had the right time to plant and so I have deferred it to either Autumn or Spring depending on the weather.  I would add that my garden has never looked worse so I either need to stop having so much fun (likely…as I can’t handle the pace) or get a smaller garden.

Start a sport again – this has been surprisingly hard.  I just can’t decide what to do.  My knee limits my options, and we do walk quite a lot; however I miss the competitive nature and comradary of sport.  So next week, once I have turned the magic 50 I am off to Tenterden Leisure Centre to take part in their 50+ sessions where they offer a variety of sports and I am hoping one will grab me.  If not, I will have no option but to try and get weeding acknowledged as a sport (and potential future Olympic event) as I have plenty of that to keep me busy!!

So, not too long a list…I hope you are not disappointed in my efforts!!