Take a generation photo series – Challenge No 3


I first saw a generation photo like this done some years ago, I think in a digital camera magazine, although it could have been on ancestry uk, whichever, I kept a copy of it but never quite got around to doing it; hence it making it onto my 50@50 challenge list.  I loved doing this and it was relatively simple to achieve….(only a few incidents of crooked frame holding, broken glass, wrong wind direction and sun reflecting poorly etc etc 😉 ). Thanks go to Kate for taking the photo of me and my mum for not falling over!!!

It is a wonderful thing to have and cherish, but I now intend to adjust the idea.  I am going to find a photo of my lovely nanny Noakes for my mum to hold and then reverse the process, that way the generations can continue for as long as our family line does….my gift to future generations and branches of my family.