No 5: Have meaningful 1:1 time with my family and friends


I am sure we all find that before we know it time has vanished and we don’t seem to quite get around to what it was we wanted to achieve.  My 50@50 experience taught me that if you really want something you have to prioritise it and make it happen.  Chris and I have become quite good at marking out time for quality 1:1; as avid board gamers (Carcassonne, Dominion, Hansa, Le Havre, Orleans, Crib etc) one night a week is set aside for this and one weekend a month we try to declare as “keep free” so we can walk, garden, watch films, go to shows etc and this works well for us.  However, it is much harder to find time to create memories and spend time with our family and friends which is why I made this one of my 12 in 12. 

In particular it is important to me to see my children, who are now grown up and have their own lives.  We have just had our annual Poker Night which I so look forward to and guarantees we all get together in the early part of the year.  Poker is such a fun game (unless you are first out which me or Chris normally are as the kids surpassed us in skill very early on) and this year…for the first time EVER…..Chris won.  We started playing when Matt and Kate became teenagers and as most parents know that can be a difficult time to find things that everyone wants to do….Poker was that middle ground for us and we all loved it.  A chance to chat, laugh and be competitive. Even better is that now the following day normally involves a family walk (grandchildren too) which I think is one of the things I most love doing.

Also this month saw Kate and I venture off to Finland together in search of the Northern Lights.  This was such an amazing time and Kate is a great travel companion.  We packed so much into this short break and it reaffirmed our close bond.  I trusted her whilst she drove the snowmobile (we wont talk about the slight toppling into fluffy snow …they  categorically never told me not to lean over LOL!!) through reindeer filled forests and likewise she trusted me whilst I mushed the dog sleigh across the frozen Lake Inari (one of the best experiences I have ever had and one which I would do again in a heartbeat given the chance).  On our last night we snuggled up in our Bubble Cabin with a glass of fizz and were fortunate enough to watch a magical display of the northern lights playing across the sky.  I will never forget this experience and it is exactly the sort of thing I had in my mind when I added this goal to my list. 


Matt however has two young children and therefore time is of a premium and it is harder to achieve these 1:1 times.  Please don’t tell him but as its his birthday next month I think part of his present will therefore have to be a mother/son experience…I just cant decide quite yet what it is to be mwhahahhaha…….

I certainly feel on a roll now and am pleased to say that I have a few other great things booked up already this year that I am particularly looking forward to sharing with friends and family.  Loathing January as I do….and unluckily for Chris I get really miserable….. I have discovered that a brilliant antidote is to organise things for later in the year and this is my top tip, it certainly made me much happier.

So 2 down and 10 to go…..