Weekly recipe swap – Challenge No 43

imageWhenever my lovely friend Frankie and I get together it never seems to take long before the topic of conversation turns around to our favourite…FOOD…be it cake, bread, curry, chocolate, pickles….we really don’t mind what sort of food….and it happily seems to be an inexhaustable subject. So as my 50@50 challenge it seemed only natural that she should choose a weekly emailed recipe swap and catch up; especially important now that she is moving away and our chances to chat 1:1 will become fewer.  

A great idea that is until I started receiving emails from some random person called Carol  (most confusingly its Frankie’s real name).  Once I got over that and opened them we have now been swapping our recipes, which can be

  1. any dish such as starter, main, side or cakes
  2. new to the person cooking it
  3. accompanied by a photo
  4. scored out of 10 (by the cook and spouse)
  5. changes made noted or suggested
  6. followed by a tit bit or two of catch up news.

This has been taking place for the last 13 weeks.  Frankie is a lot more reliable than me, so no surprise that whilst I have been typing this her recipe email has pinged into my inbox…whereas I, already feeling guilty about the lovely three course meal I just savoured at Chapel Down restaurant in Tenterden, am now struggling to think about what I can submit this week with only two days remaining…but a challenge is a challenge and I will rise to the occasion (although I find the eating and the gossiping my more natural forte😉) 

So far the best recipes we have swapped are the following.  I found a great Sri Lankan chutney, hot and spicy which uses aubergine ( however I did cheat and enlist the aid of my chief chutney maker Chris to make it) So tasty, good texture and it seems to go well with curry, cheese and biscuits, celery…basically anything you might want a chutney for:


Frankie however submitted probably the best dessert on the planet for chocolate lovers, sticky chocolate toffee pudding; positively to die for:


I am sure we will manage the year, and it is a great way of encouraging us to keep in touch, plus making me a bit more adventurous in the kitchen, so thanks Frankie and may we still be discussing food for many years to come, whether it’s online, in person, at the pub, on holiday or even….tucked up in an alcohol friendly, good food providing nursing home!!!!