Positive news letter swap – Challenge No 41

imageWhat a joy!!! An old fashioned phrase which marries so well with this retro task. As part of my 50@50 challenge my sister Nicky set us the exercise of writing to each other every month; so this is an ongoing process, but one that has already given me such immense pleasure….how can such a simple thing as receiving and writing a letter do this? 

Nicky and I are three years apart and she moved to Gloucestershire over 30 years ago but we are still very close.  However, we notice that our conversations on the phone often revolve around our children and mum and we never seem to have time to discuss our many shared interests (gardening, art, literature, bay city rollers 😉) or reminisce over our childhood antics.


So Nicky hit on this great idea that we would write to each other and ONLY talk about those things.  Her letter comes to me in the middle of the month (we have even devised a code to let each other know when it has made its arrival) and mine to her at the end of the month.  When her letter comes I am truly like a kid at Christmas, it is guaranteed to be funny, full of interesting material, uplifting and positive…..how many other letters can promise that!!! I scurry off to a quiet corner of the house with a cup of tea and orders not to be disturbed and simply immerse myself.  I feel so much closer to Nicky now, which I know sounds ridiculous but it is true, and all for the cost of a stamp!! Well, that is not strictly true as part of the pleasure for us is writing on beautiful paper and using a nice pen, so I scour shops for lovely paper to write upon…oops.

When I write my response I get to relive the experiences as I recount them and it makes you appreciate all the lovely things that have happened that month.  It is therapeutic to focus on the positive and makes me realise I love my life and have so much to be thankful for.  I try very hard not to write constantly about my granddaughter (not always successfully) and I especially love the trinkets we exchange, seeds, recipes, postcards..tangible things that connect us.  As you may have guessed I would absolutely recommend this.

So…….thank you Nicky for being a great sister, for suggesting this idea and hoping we can keep it up for much longer than the 12 months……also hoping you don’t mind my choice of photos – what a gem that last one is!!!